Great Kings of India

India or we better say Hindustan has had a rich and vibrant history, most of it incarnated in its many empires. Here are the most famous and most powerful Indian Kings that ruled not only India but on the Heart of its people. MAHARAJA DHIRAJ VIKRAM ADITYA Source: A less known but a very powerful king of not only India but also surrounding many masses of land, Raja Dhiraj Vikram Aditya was a very mighty ruler as well as a very generous king. He is often characterized as the Ideal King. According to famous tradition, Raja Vikramaditya began the ' Vikram Samwat ' (a Sanatan Calendar used as a base to calculate months and years) era in 57 BCE after he defeated the Shakas. He had an army of 30 million soldiers, 100 million various vehicles, 25 thousand elephants, and 400 thousand ships. He ruled from 77 BCE till 15 CE.   Source: He ruled an area from Persia, Turk, and Arabia in the west to the whole of China in the east. From the Himalayas in the nort