Various Security Categories in India

In India, security details are provided to some high-risk individuals by the police and local government. Depending on the threat perception to the person, the category is divided into four tiers: Z+ (highest level), Z, Y, and X. Individuals under this security blanket include the President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Supreme Court, and High Court Judges, Service Chiefs of Indian Armed Forces, Governors of State, Chief Ministers and Cabinet Ministers. Source: thePrint

The SPG (Special Protection Group), NSG (National Security Guards), ITBP (Indo-Tibetan Border Police) and CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) CISF (Central Industrial Security Force) are the agencies responsible for providing securities to VVIPs, VIPs, politicians, high-profile celebrities and sportspersons. The NSG is used extensively to guard VIPs and VVIPs, especially those in the Z+ category. Many NSG personnel is seconded to the Special Protection Group (SPG) which guards the Prime Minister.
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Population control in India

Population control is the practice of artificially maintaining the size of any population. Day by day, the increasing population in India is becoming a huge problem for the nation. The population of India as per the 2011 census was 1,210,854,977. India added 181.5 million to its population since 2001( that's a huge amount, slightly lower than the population of Brazil). India, with 2.4% of the world's surface area, accounts for 17.5% of its population. Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state with roughly 200 million people. Over half the population resided in the six most populous states of Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh. Of the 1.21 billion Indians, 833 million, live in rural areas while 377 million stays in urban areas. 453.6 million people in India are migrants, which is 37.8% of the total population.
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Today this population increased from 1.21 billion to 1.37 billion. So can assume till the next census ( t…

Use your Smartphone as a Webcam or Mic in PC

Its been quite a few months into a pandemic and it's still a bit of a hassle to find a good webcam that too for a price that won't make your jaw drop. Videoconferencing, the virtual environment apps, whether it's for work or a weekly remote board game night, has increased since most people have been stuck at home. If you lately haven't been able to find a good webcam, don't worry, below, we take you through ways you can use your smartphone as an alternative.Before you try to convert a smartphone into a webcam for your computer, it might be obvious to say that you can use your smartphone to run your video meeting on its own. Applications like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams are available on your Android and iPhone apps available. All you need to do is install the app from the respective app store, log in, and use your phone's selfie camera and microphone to be a part of the meeting.
Use your Phone as a WebcamIf you have a PC running Windows and you use an…